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Critical Illness Insurance

Heart Attack, Stroke, Invasive Cancer (The BIG Three)

Did you know that nearly 48% of all mortgage foreclosures and 56% of all bankruptcies are related to a serious medical condition? And itís estimated that up to 25% of the total costs associated with serious medical conditions arenít covered or reimbursed by medical insurance.

Benefit Amounts may be used, without restriction, to cover medical expenses, prescriptions, mortgage payments, lost wages, utilities, living expenses, travel, therapy, vacations, etc.!

Critical Illness Insurance proceeds typically take the form of a lump-sum benefit, received income tax-free, upon the first diagnosis of a covered condition. When integrated into your overall portfolio, this benefit pays in excess of other insurance policies you may own (it often pays when others will not) and your Critical Illness proceeds may be used in any manner desired. These proceeds ma be particularly useful in paying unreimbursed and/or indirect medical expenses following a critical illness.

Popular plan designs pointing to the uniqueness of this benefit help assure that someone will receive the policy benefits. For example, policy proceeds are payable to an insured who survive the covered condition, or to a named beneficiary absent such survival. Additionally, if death occurs from a condition not specifically covered in the policy, the beneficiary receives a 100% Return of Premiums. NOTE: Return of Premiums at death may not be available in all states.

Critical Illness policies may be offered on an individual basis, or in a workplace environment. An attractive complement to Disability Income protection, Critical Illness coverage also has myriad business-related uses.

In addition to covering Heart Attacks, Strokes and Invasive Cancer (The Big Three) many additional conditions may be incorporated into this form of protection. Covered conditions will often be a function of the insurance platform (Individual or Group) and the underwriting method (Guaranteed Issue, Simplified Issue, or Fully Underwritten).

It is important to determine state availability and to read and understand policy Limitations and Exclusions before making a purchase. Carrier availability, plan designs, provisions and premiums may vary by state.

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