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Paying for Care - Selling Your Life Policy

Life Settlement
- The sale of no longer needed, or costly Life Insurance policy on the secondary market.

Viatical Settlement
Ė As above, but where a terminal or chronic illness presupposes death within 2-years.

Long Term Care Benefit Plan
- A Long Term Care Benefit Plan is not an insurance policy. Briefly:
NOTE: Purchasing an Individual Tax-Qualified 7702B LTCi policy while still healthy, later supplementing it with a Long Term Care Benefit Plan, may help maximize your care needs, choices and decisions and may minimize your family and estate financial exposures.

Long Term Care Insurance
Long Term Care National Average Costs
Tax-Qualified "Stand-alone" Long Term Care Insurance
Hybrid Life/Long Term Care Rider Combinations
Plan Design Considerations
Elimination (Waiting) Period
Long Term Care insurance Partnership
Long Term Care Insurance in the Workplace
Paying for Care - Insuring the Risk
Paying for Care - Selling Your Life Policy
Paying for Care - Government and Personal Sources
State Filial Responsibility Laws
Long Term Care Insurance Disclaimers and Notes

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