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Paying for Care - Government and Personal Sources

Governmental Sources
Self-insuring is usually not a practical option for middle-income Americans. I recommend insuring the risk, or a portion thereof.

I recommend an Individual Tax-Qualified 7702B Long Term Care insurance policy.

For a linkage between LTCi and Life Insurance, consider a Hybrid Life/LTCi policy.

Long Term Care Insurance
Long Term Care National Average Costs
Tax-Qualified "Stand-alone" Long Term Care Insurance
Hybrid Life/Long Term Care Rider Combinations
Plan Design Considerations
Elimination (Waiting) Period
Long Term Care insurance Partnership
Long Term Care Insurance in the Workplace
Paying for Care - Insuring the Risk
Paying for Care - Selling Your Life Policy
Paying for Care - Government and Personal Sources
State Filial Responsibility Laws
Long Term Care Insurance Disclaimers and Notes

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