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Personal Disability Income

Fewer than 30% of all employers provide Group Disability Income protection. You may be able to fill that vital coverage gap with Individual Disability Income protection.

You've invested heavily in your education and profession. What's the best way to protect these hard-earned investments? By protecting your anticipated future earnings!

Your greatest asset may be your ability to earn an income! We routinely insure our homes, autos and businesses, but often overlook the one asset that makes them all possible, our incomes! Without an income, you may be forced to liquidate hard-earned assets (homes, pensions) to pay bills.

The Ideal Elements of a Disability Income Policy


Whether you own your business, or work for someone else, we can discuss relevant tax issues; how to best pay for, and receive the benefits. Let’s see how many of The Ideal Elements of a Disability Income Policy you qualify for and let’s customize a plan to meet your particular needs.

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